What can I import from China to Nigeria?

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Mini Importation business is such an exciting experience. It is lucrative when done well.
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Be clear of what business to go into. If you have a lot of beautiful things to buy, try them one after the other then you can buy other things after you have established the first one.
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Questions most people starting mini importation business in Nigeria ask are;
  • What do I import from China?
  • What are the hot selling products to import and sell in Nigeria?
  • Do I sell what I like or what I think people will buy?
  • What will I sell that people will buy from me?

Deciding what to import from China to Sell in Nigeria

One can import whatever thing one wants to sell in Nigeria. Most people always advise importing products that solve people’s problem.
This is one of the keys to succeed in the mini importation business.
When it comes to researching and importing hot selling products in Nigeria, there were technically no hot selling products before they became hot selling products.
A product becomes hot selling when its demand became higher as a result of its significance in people’s life owing to a particular time and a well-planned converting marketing.
Even when one research for hot selling products on Jumia, there is a slight possibility of being saturated in the market.
The first set of people to bring the product to the market have already a good share of it long ago.
Kindly erase the idea of looking for hot selling products and start testing out what product will either solve people’s problem or leave a significant mark in their lifestyle.
When it comes to selling what one has a passion for, there is nothing bad in it. The advantage is that it gives one the open-mindedness to give more.
If I love Luxury cars, I can find luxury car gadgets that make life easier for car owners.
If the passion is not there, I may not be able to tell more stories on the significance of what I’m selling.
Passion encourages one to continue doing what they like even when the result is not there.
You can import anything you want to import but you have to consider its selling power to avoid littering all over your home.
Another tip on what to import are things that are not too common in the Nigerian market.
Women’s clothes and bags are quite common but there are awesome designs that are not common in our local markets.
These are what to look out for. A situation where they sell the same bags in my street for 4K and you are selling it for 4K or even 350 you bought from 1688.com
I would rather go for the one I am sure of.
In a similar situation where I cannot see that particular design around me even Jumia’s price is quite expensive than what you sell, I will have to end up waiting for you to sell to me.
That is the mindset.
My student wrote to me and said

Most of the products I have researched are already saturated in the market. I haff tired already

With your expertise and knowledge it will give us a direction while we do our due diligence doing more findings on the product.

Another issue is after spotting a product and you now find out that tons of them are been sold at a ridiculous price at  jumia and especially jiji, It’s kind of a turn off, since our business module is also done online.

Using my self as a case study, when I see a product advertised online the first thing I do is to check major online stores (jumia and co) to compare prices and If after doing my findings and it happens that I can get the same product from our local online stores at the same price or something lesser or slightly higher I would rather buy that product from them.


Here are my responses:

But before that, a very good mentor of mine –  Czar Nnamani and Mike Leo narrated how they sold 3 cartons of vaginal tightening creams they bought from a local store in less than 1 month.

Of course, the product is everywhere on jiji and the neighbourhood. But these guys boxed this product and sold it to young women that needed it. It wasn’t just careless marketing but well-planned intentional marketing.

I have always said, “no product is born hot selling. You just make it happen”.

I don’t know what products you have researched but you have to look closely on your pattern of product selection.

Saturated products can be a myth.

Yes, it is true that some products are more popular and sold more, but the demand for these products is often so large, that it does not matter that many people are selling them.

Often, people think a product is saturated because everyone uses the same video, image and ad copy to sell.

Not every one that uploaded images or ran ads actually sold a lot.

If a product has the potential to sell, one can improve on it.

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iPhone literally releases every year. All the iPhones still run on the same OS but with different designs and few things.

Major daily commodities that are being used every day are most times being rebranded on designs and packaging to appeal to the customers.

There are new products every day. The old ones are being updated.

The best bet is to go for improved products. Even if there are no improved products, the better option is

Since people are using the same images and videos to promote theirs, one can use one’s own pictures and images instead, box them up with complimentary gifts and be sold as one.

As an entrepreneur or a wannabe entrepreneur, the first to do after spotting a product of your interest is never to check who is selling.

You check what offers are they giving out.

Offers are incentives, bonuses, guarantee, refunds, is there any problem they outlined to solve or not.

What made you chose that product line….are they really pointing out that same pain of interest or not.

Who sells or who doesn’t isn’t a good point to decide whether you sell or not.

I buy from people because they offer me good deals.

Price is not always the best bet.

Yes, Nigerians love affordable things yet they love awoof more.

Give out what others aren’t giving out.

Extra gift puts one’s mind into serious thought.

Compounding products to sell at almost the same price as one product are not the same.

People look out for who is giving them a better deal.

Don’t just compare prices, check what offers they’re giving out. What their sales page is all about. That’s where the marketing talks.

People buying from an already established company is not a fact.

People go for where they are getting a good deal.

You don’t have to tell me that because I am not an established company, I remained not to be patronised.

Ironically, anything can sell in Nigeria. It all depends on how you market them.

You may consider importing these products
These are not a recommendation. Just a reference to what you may import.
  • Sneakers
  • Branded T shirts
  • Lazy Phone and Tablet Bracket
  • Handbags
  • Wristwatches and Jewelry
  • Wireless Earpod/AirPods
  • Skin Tag Remover
  •  Smartwatches
  • Super Bright Led Torch Light
  • Warm and Cooling Cup Holder
  • Baby Food storage or bottle feeding
  • Blender – manual or electric
  • Powerbanks
  • Memory cards
  • Phone accessories
  • Hair growth oil for (baldness or hair loss) etc.


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Then you will be good to go.
Don’t forget to always test what product to buy before going in bulks.
You can test interests by uploading to any of your marketing channels – WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter or friend’s recommendation.
I believe you learnt one or two or even three.
Good luck!

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