How to Pay 1688 Sellers

Last Updated on January 26, 2023 by Chuks Amobi

What if I told you that you can pay 1688 sellers or suppliers yourself without having to pay agents commissions for doing the same work.

An average 1688 supplier collects $2 (¥15) to $3 (¥20) for some given orders. Sometimes they charge in the percentage of one’s total orders.

I will be very simple and brief with this article. I will make reference to other articles I have written from how to contact 1688 suppliers and message them in Chinese to translate 1688 website from Chinese to English.

Steps to Pay 1688 Suppliers Yuan without Agent

  1. Get Supplier’s or Seller’s phone number. Click here to learn how to contact 1688 suppliers
  2. Add them on WeChat
  3. Finalize your orders
  4. Request sellers to give you their Alipay account
  5. Then find Alipay merchant that charges between N52 t0 N54 per RMB. Alipay merchant is one of my mini importation services. Contact me.
  6. We will pay on your behalf while you show your supplier your transaction screenshot
  7. And you’re good!

You have cut off the agent’s commission per items or whatever percentage you used to pay.

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