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Do you pack goods together?

Yes, we pack individual items together into one or several cartons

The term is called consolidation. No matter how many suppliers are sending your goods, we will pack them together. No worries!

What does Shipping & Clearing mean?

Shipping and clearing can be used together depending on which country.

In Nigeria, shipping is simply transporting goods from the place of its origin to the destination point. Clearing on the other hand means the activities that are involved in bringing out the goods that was imported into the destination country. This is called custom clearance. At first, you pay for the cost of transporting the goods you bought from the country of origin to the destination country. This fee is called shipping fee. You make the payment to the freight forwarder handling the shipment. Clearing fee is paid to the custom agency of that destination country. Your freight forwarder can also play the part of handling the fees of which you will have to settle them later.

How do I calculate Sea Shipping?

Technically, sea shipping is not calculated by weight.

Sea shipping is measured in cubic meter, cbm. The weight of your goods is really not taken into consideration. The key figures are the length, width and height plus quantity. If you are buying multiple goods from one supplier, they can measure the dimensions of the cartons. This way, you get the total volume of your goods. But, if you are to consolidate your goods, the total volume will be measured after all your individual parcels have been packed together.

Do you use Google rates?

Disappointedly, No.

We do not use Google rates. We use the parallel market rates or what is called the black market rate. Google do not sell currencies.

How long does it take to receive my goods?

It depends on three factors below

1. The destination country 2. The shipping method - sea or air freight 3. The nature of goods to be shipped - Normal goods or sensitive goods. Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa takes 5-10 days for normal goods using air freight. Sea freight takes 70-90 days. Sensitive goods takes about 12 days.

What are normal goods and battery goods?

Normal goods are general goods like clothing, furniture.

Normal goods are simply any item that has no life in them nor liquid nor paste. No battery of any type. Battery and sensitive goods are most times classified together. They include electronics, perfumes, creams, paste, wristwatches...They are shipped differently.

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