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Let's Save You All The Stress In Contacting Your Chinese Suppliers & Buying Your Goods While You Take Care Of Other Important Things.

freightya chinese procurement outsourcing agency

Let’s help you find good Chinese Suppliers that are willing to offer you good quality products at affordable prices.

Your Best Experience, Our Priority

We understand  how it feels when one is directly not buying from the suppliers. We have streamlined the process in a way that our expertise will guide you starting from understanding what products, suppliers you want to outsource in China to choosing reputable shipping company that can offer you a better freight experience.

freightya chinese procurement outsourcing agency

Understanding your outsourcing purpose

To effectively work with you, we don't play with understanding your interests in outsourcing products from Chinese suppliers. This will help us to channel our expertise on how best to work with you. We can then proceed to determining your budget, OEM, ODM etc.

freightya chinese procurement outsourcing agency

Comprehensive and thorough product & supplier research

Outsourcing products from China comes in different dimensions as a result of too many suppliers with too many product variations. Some people call it fake products. We will help you to differentiate trusted manufacturers with better quality products from random suppliers.

freightya chinese procurement outsourcing agency

Deciding a reputable shipping company to work with you

Having had more than 4 years in outsourcing products from China, we are at a confident position to know reliable shipping companies that can give you a worry-free shipping experience. Here, you get all your documents including taxes and import duties.


We Provide Quotation According to the Nature of your Goods and our services.

4 Years

The passion to do more has fueled our continued service. We have worked with lot of clients and their positive feedback have helped us to do better. We may not be the best but we are very confident in the amazing services we have provided all these years and the milestones that we have reached so far. We can’t wait to be a part of your success, it is a part of our success too.

freightya china 1688 procurement china to nigeria

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freightya chinese procurement outsourcing agency

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