Import from China to the US, UK, Canada as a side hustle & grow it into a brand in less than 1 year.

Discover how to tap into the lucrative, high quality yet low price Chinese market and build a successful e-commerce business with our expert guidance and reliable logistics support.

If you have dreamt about starting a side hustle importing products like hair accessories, jewelry, leggings, smartwatches, t-shirts, face and lip masks, etc at a lower price compared to prices on Amazon and Ebay, then this is for you.

If you had thought of starting your own brand customizing products directly from Chinese suppliers, shipping them directly to your doorstep without having to worry about custom duties, then this is for you.

Studies have revealed that more than 60% – 70% of products listed on Amazon are directly imported from China. Shein, Temu and AliExpress have had fair shares despite the longer shipping time and quality.

Our solution is very simple. Our company, Freightya is a procurement and logistics agency from China to any part of the world. We help young people create business out of their passions.

If you are a Nigerian, you must have heard about mini-importation. It is a side hustle young people learn through importation from China to Nigeria.

What they do is to learn how to buy from Chinese online stores like Alibaba, and then send the products they have bought to our warehouse in China. Our job is to pack those products and ship down to Nigeria. They make their money at a great ROI. You must have seen them uploading photos of bags, clothing, shoes, hairs on their WhatsApp status or even Instagram, Facebook.

But you are a great advantage. Why?

If you are in US, Canada or the UK, you could agree with me that Naira has lost its value since last year. The advantage you have is getting more Naira with your little Dollar, Euro, Pounds or even CAD.

  • $20 now is over 28,000.
  • $100 is now over 200,000.

These little figures can 

  • Get as many products as you want to start with in China,
  • Send it back to US, Canada, UK, France, Australia, 
  • Sell the products to other Africans or any person at a higher return. 

Repeat the process, it becomes a prospering side hustle that takes care of major things and savings.

What you need is to think of a business you’re so passionate about. Once you have gotten a business idea, then you have two options.

  1. You can learn how to source for those products, buy by yourself and let us ship them to you or
  2. You have us source for these products for you, then ship them to you.

You have a greater opportunity when we shop for you, because we take full responsibility of the quality. We must serve you better