If this is your first time visiting my website, please allow me to first of all, welcome you πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Thank you!

Please let me introduce myself😁.

Chuks Amobi mini importation mentoring course
What a fine young man πŸ˜‚

I am Chuks Amobi. I am quite passionate about helping mankind to solve their challenges to the best I can. This passion to help pushed me to create a blog chuksguide.com in 2015. This blog solves almost everything except marital problemsπŸ˜‚.

Now, I created this brand, Freightya in 2019 to continue my mission of good Nigerian-Samaritan for small businesses in Nigeria and beyond.

I know what brought you to my website is about mini importation and 1688. Can I borrow a few second to introduce something very important to you? Thanks.

I have spent more than 3 years on mini importation and I have had countless challenges with suppliers, shipping companies. Believe me, it is an experience.

Mini importation business is really interesting…

As someone that loves to share my challenges and experiences through my articles, I have shared numerous articles on mini importation, sales and customer services.

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Starting your mini importation journey starts from

  1. Finding what to sell,
  2. Getting a reliable 1688 procurement agent to pay on your behalf,
  3. Getting a reliable shipping company that will ship your package from China to Nigeria,
  4. And how your package will be delivered to your home especially if you are not in Lagos.

This is a typical mini importation process.

Let’s say you have found what to buy but your challenges are

  1. Finding a reliable 1688 procurement agent in Nigeria or China that can help you make payment and
  2. Finding a shipping company that is not just only affordable but can give you rest of mind when it comes to protecting your items.

I started mini importation proper in 2017. I have used more than 5 shipping companies and agents. So, I know what it has been all these years.

Some shipping companies take 48 hours to respond to your messages. Even when they respond, it won’t still solve the problem. The worst to happen to you would be when your suppliers fail to include your shipping information on your package. That is a terrible experience.

I have heard people complain about increase in the weight of their package by shipping companies. Anything happens since you’re in Nigeria while they are in China.😒


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Some procurement agents on the other hand are another bigger challenge in one’s mini importation journey.

Sometimes you would feel like crying because you paid someone to help you order on either 1688, Alibaba or Taobao.

Not everyone cares to know what it took you to make ₦1 in Nigeria. What they are more interested is just your money. Once they get your money, they start doing Oga on top your money -Shuuu! 😀

Whether what they ordered for you is exactly how you wanted it. It is not their business whether you receive your items or not. Even if they become missing, you are going to hate why you started mini importation in the first place.


I am not writing to scare you away from mini importation. There are still good shipping companies and procurement agents out there. But the question is “Who is it?”

I have been working so hard in finding a better way to ease mini importation experience especially for people that are just starting. I have gone through bad experiences in the past, I know how it feels when someone plays with ones hard earned Naira.

I have found a reliable company that I am currently working with. We have a mutual understanding of making your mini importation experience smoother.

When I become your procurement, I will only charge you 5% processing fee of your total cost of your goods excluding the local shipping fees.

This means that the 5% is not calculated with the local freight fee added by your supplier. It is only for the items you will order. I am going to send either screen record or screenshots so that you will confirm the costs and to make sure that your goods are complete.

Everything is totally transparent.

We have three shipping options:

  1. If you have a shipping company of your choice and only want me to send your items to them, I will be at your command. No extra fee for that, just 5% of your total orders.
  2. If you want me to use our partner shipping company, we charge you nothing, just 5% of your total orders.
  3. If you want us to receive your items first from your different suppliers in order to make sure that it is complete before sending it out to your shipping company, then we will charge you based on the number of goods we will receive.


Here are the benefits of choosing our procurement and shipping company

  1. I will first of all guide you on the best format to copy links and choosing of what to buy.
  2. We will give you a reference code that will be tied to all your goods with us. This helps us to identify items even when your suppliers ignorantly fail to write your shipping labels.
  3. I will give you updates as soon as your suppliers send your items to the shipping company
  4. We will receive all your items, then report on what are missing if any, make refund when necessary.
  5. We will arrange all your items from different suppliers into one carton.
  6. We will measure the weight of your package and send to you.
  7. I will personally update you as soon as your orders are placed on 1688, Alibaba or Taobao until you receive a text message for pick up in Nigeria.
freightya procurement agency chuks amobi
How our packaging and weighing looks like @Freightya

If you use your own shipping company, I have no access to the shipping status. Our updates end as soon as they receive your items in China. You have to follow them up.

When you use ours, you don’t have to follow anyone up, I will do the job while you concentrate on other daily important things.

Our China to Nigeria Shipping fees include

$6.5 Air Cargo for 5-7 days. These are for normal goods, wristwatches.

The clearing fee is ₦500.

I offer the best and unbeatable RMB YUAN rate from ₦65 depending on the current exchange rate.


This is how we will work together

  1. Send the links of what to order to me
  2. Then I will review them
  3. I will send the quote to you ( How much they will cost)
  4. You send the money to me
  5. I will buy it for you
  6. If you have a shipping company you want me to use, I will send those items there
  7. If you want me to recommend for you, I will send the items there
  8. I will send the weight to you before they ship it down to Lagos, Nigeria.
  9. When the package comes down to Nigeria, you will receive a text message with the shipping and clearance fee.
  10. You will pay the shipping company then pick your item.
  11. If you are not in Lagos, I can arrange someone that will help you, you just pay him some waybill money.
  12. If you have someone in Lagos, then that will be fine. They can pick it for you

I am always active, I reply to all messages on time. Feel very free to send me a message. I will respond as soon as possible. – 07082111555