Preorder Mastery

Don’t have all the MO₦EY to start MINI IMPORTATION right now??


Worry no more again 😉😉

Let me break Mini Importation Preorder down for you

You want to start mini importation from China – 1688 or Alibaba. That is, you have product ideas to import.


But you don’t have enough money to start. In some cases, you don’t have any money at all.


What you need now is to find people in order to use their money to import those goods.


But before you do that, you must know the current market price of the items – bags, clothes, sneakers, electronics, etc.


Why do you need to know the current price? Because it will help you to determine whether what you want to import is profitable or not. I just explained it in the video above.


Once you have gotten items to sell to people, you already know the price and your gain too.


The next thing is to let your customers know (which I already discussed in this mastery course on how to get customers even if you don’t have).


Once everything is ready, you can now pay for your goods to be imported down to your country ( I also explained how this is done in the course).


Is that all?


That is all oo 😁😁…You start counting your gain from nothing to something.


Wait there is something else👇

I forgot to mention one important bonus in this Preorder Mastery.


One of the major challenges in Preorder is getting the real weights of your goods.


Everything is dependent on the weight. If you don’t know the weight, you will end up miscalculating the price you’re selling to customers.


And if that happens to you, you will be at loss.


But guess what? 😉😉


I have compiled more than 100 items that are most imported by our mini importers and preorder clients.


Of course, they weights were measured and recorded by us.


They are the real weights that will be calculated by the shipping company. Not the guessed weights on 1688 page.


So, this 100+ weight list is already included in this mastery course as a bonus.


No one has ever done this. We are the first to ever do it.


Getting the real weight will make it easier for you get the price and calculate your profit like a boss.


Mastering Preorder [6 hour : 45]

  1. Crazy mistakes to avoid before launching a Pre order sales
  2. Considering which suppliers to buy from
  3. Understanding how long it will take for your preorder goods to arrive your country.
  4. Analyzing the shipping and clearing fee to see how they affect your profits.
  5. How to download quality pictures for your preorder adverts.
  6. How to build your preorder list with buying customers 
  7. List of  weights of 100+  popular imported products from 1688
  8. Inventory Management 
  9. Inventory Management Extended + How much to make importing.
  10. Introduction to Facebook Advertising
  11. Creating Facebook Business Account
  12. Creating Facebook Ad Account
  13. Understanding FB Campaign
  14. Introduction to FB Ad Manager
  15. Creating Facebook Ad – Complete Walkthrough
  16. Running Ad with Your Mobile Ad Manager account.
And that is 6 hours : 45 minutes. Yet new videos will be added.

If I asked you to give me ₦20,000, would you hesitate to do that? 


But I won’t charge you ₦20,000 now. 



The videos are lifetime. If you prefer direct chats, video calls with me to for more information then you have no problem.


Mind you, I am not teaching you how to copy links from 1688 and start answering CEO Jenny’s Collections.  Olodo can do that.


I teach you business of buying and selling.


So, If you’re interested to support yourself with my guide and grow into a brand whether you are a student or a dropout, then this chance is for you.


How do I join the Preorder Mastery course now?

PAY  ₦10,000 TODAY









I would not need to write sweet things nor big titles about me to convince you.

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