From production to finished products

We handle production from raw material to finished product. Our manufacturing services extends to OEM, ODM and customization. We have a simplified and transparent workflow.

warehousing procurement freightya

Procurement & outsourcing specialist

We purchase from Chinese major ecommerce platforms - Alibaba, AliExpress, 1688, Taobao, JD. We offer after-sales services from suppliers that couldn't meet your expectations.

Secure & Spacious storage facility

Helping you to receive small and large parcels from your different suppliers before they can be consolidated before shipping. Storage comes at no cost. No minimum parcels are required.

consolidation from china to nigeria freightya shipping company

Quality packing material for items

We make sure to remove unnecessary cartons and pack them together. You don't have to worry about not getting your items together. This helps reduce weight and saves money on shipping.

shipping from china to nigeria freightya shipping company

Fast & affordable for small & big packages

We ship almost anything that are allowed into the country. Our shipping service include Normal Air Cargo, Sensitive Air shipping & Sea shipping. Including powerbanks & mobile phones.


Improving payment efficiency

We optimize cash flow by providing a payment system between you and your supplier. Reliable and fast remittance.

Freightya is the best procurement Agent, no outrageous rate and very reliable. Since I started using Freightya no more worries about the state of my goods.

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NwaAda Rissa

We have all your needs, from start to the very end

Providing you with a customer at heart supply chain experience. Guaranteed at your terms.

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