Welcome to Freightya Procurement and Shipping Forum! ✈

    • Chuks Amobi
      5 months, 1 week ago Reply #27676

      Hello FreighyaExploros Members,


      We’re excited to welcome you to the [Your Company Name] Procurement and Shipping Forum. This is a place where professionals in procurement and shipping come together to share insights, ask questions, and build a supportive community.

      About Us
      At Freightya, we know the procurement and shipping industry is always changing. This forum is here for you to connect, learn, and contribute to our growing community.

      What to Expect:
      Discussions: Join conversations about procurement strategies, shipping logistics, and more.
      Networking: Connect with others, build relationships, and explore collaborations.
      Resources: Share your knowledge and discover valuable resources.

      Introduce Yourself:
      Start by introducing yourself! Share your role, experience, and what you hope to get from the forum. Are there specific topics you’re interested in or challenges you need help with? We’d love to hear your story.

      Icebreaker Question:
      To break the ice, tell us If you could ship any product worldwide, what would it be, and why it is important to our community?

      Welcome to the Freightya Procurement and Shipping Forum! We’re looking forward to building this community with you.

      Chuks Amobi

    • Chuks Amobi
      5 months, 1 week ago Reply #27694

      I am Chuks Amobi. I am the Co-founder of Freightya. My job is to give you an access to an unending and pleasurable experience buying and shipping from China to your country.

      Feel free to ask questions, create topics and have fun

    • Temmy
      5 months, 1 week ago Reply #27695

      Am temmy. I sale bags on preorder

    • Chuks Amobi
      5 months ago Reply #27696

      Welcome Temmy

    • Chuks Amobi
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