How do I drive customers to my online business via WhatsApp?

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It is one thing to start an online business and it is another thing to drive traffic to your online business and possibly convert that traffic to paid customers.
If you would ask some online business owners most especially what their major challenges are, their answers could either be getting more customers or how to drive strangers to their website.


Is it third mainland bridge traffic or Mararaba traffic?
Web traffic simply means online users. Anyone using the internet.
If you are reading this, it also means that you could a be traffic to someone else business.
When you see an ad on Facebook, it already qualifies you as a traffic.
If someone posts about their pre order bags in a group, you’re already qualified to being a traffic.
Driving traffic to one’s online business simply means all the steps involved in bringing random web surfers or even social media users to one’s online business.


An online business is any business that operate mainly on the internet.
  • It could be a physical product – bags, clothes, shoes, watches etc.
  • It could be as a service – mentorship, agency, affiliate marketing etc.
Your online business might either be on social media or the internet”.
The same way traditional business owners prospect for customers by sharing handbills, flyers, siting signposts, billboards etc, that’s how online business owners need to drive prospects to their online business.
What is a prospect?
A prospect is a potential customer. There is a probability here. There is no way to spot a potential customer if you don’t take a step.
So, what are the steps?
There are reliable ways and tools that help online business owners find prospects.
Can one combine more than one tools to finding customers online?
Yes, it is even more effective when different channels are involved in customer acquisition.
Just like having multiple streams of income and two good heads being better than one.
But in this post, we are considering WhatsApp as a point of reference.
Why WhatsApp?
Almost everybody uses WhatsApp.
There may be disparity in choice of social media usage.
  • Not everyone like Facebook
  • Not everyone on Facebook likes Twitter
  • Not everyone uses Tiktok
  • Not everyone has the data and time to google
Let’s take an illustration
Your potential customers may be in this chart
Facebook 30%
Twitter 15%
Tiktok 5%
Google 50%
There is likelihood that your potential customer
  • May be on Facebook and active and WhatsApp daily
  • May be on Twitter but inactive but uses WhatsApp daily
  • May be on Tiktok but has not opened the app since September 2022 but just joined a group on WhatsApp now
  • May have gone through Google and visited many websites yet not too satisfied but uses WhatsApp.
It is safe to say that WhatsApp is a necessity. Right?


My boss told me something on 23rd January, 2023. He did a video of the video of new phones that just arrived.
Within few minutes, calls started coming in. Replies started coming in.
  • Send your account number
  • Please keep this for me, I would be coming tomorrow to your shop.
So, I will share what he did that has worked for him below.
“Do not be satisfied making profits, be satisfied making an impact”
That is the summary of what works for him.
He sells UK used iPhone & Samsung phones.
He is very meticulous in how he does his business.
In this business, majorly, they take advantage on profits.
Smartphones come with grades especially iPhone and Samsung.
The best grades, you barely make enough profits as compared to the average models.
Even though, they are manufactured by the same Apple and Samsung.
Whatever that would bring a red flag in his business, he runs away from it.
He built a model that whatever he sells is exactly what he expects other people to sell to him.
So, he is always on the lookout for new products.
While I was there, someone that bought from him sent someone else to him.
The person bought two smartphones.
The greatest advertisement is the one done by a friend to a friend.
There is trust. You don’t have to vomit all the saliva in your mouth trying to convince someone to buy from you.
Just build the system and watch the system replicate over and over again for you.
The other remarkable thing he does is laying off emotions for logic sake.
What does that mean?
Let me break it down for you.
If someone asks you to send the pictures of bags that you sell.
You end up sending 50 bags while you’re struggling to manage your 500MB.
Now, the person points out to a beautiful bag and asks for the price.
She probably shouted “It is expensive”
Then she points to another bag, and shouted “It is costly”
She pointed again to ask, you now sheged her.
You probably did not respond or “if you are not ready to buy, please don’t disturb me”
It is actually draining, I must confess.
What do you do instead?
  1. If you have a website that lists all that you sell, send it to them. You can use WhatsApp store or Qshop. They are free.
  2. Some people really don’t like to be asked their budget still politely ask them their budget if they complained for the first time.
  3. If you have all the time, you can add the prices on each bag. That ultimately solves it.
Buying or not, your day must continue. We should not attach our emotions to our business.
Here is another thing;
When someone takes you on a long chat but ended up saying “I will get back to you”
You probably didn’t respond
You certainly murmured in disappointment
Doing business is a skill. It is not all about money.
BTW money doesn’t just come. People brings money.
It should be aligning ourselves to the things that make people to give us money.
Sadly, people don’t just give out money. Money is an exchange for a value rendered.
Basically, they buy from you not because you sell the most bags. Anyone can sell bags even cheaper than yours.
What makes them buy from you are
  • Their confidence and trust in you
  • The value they perceive that you give
So, if all that you have are 100 bags, you may not do much.
The impression you give to someone is the same she will tell the other.
Customers are too rigid to handle. Yet, we have to blend to suit what best for them as long as it doesn’t affect your business negatively.
What other ways to drive customers to your online business?
  1. Building a community through group
  2. WhatsApp TV
  3. Sharing informative statuses about your business
  4. Contribute more on other groups.
I am going to discuss the four ways to drive customers to your business on WhatsApp.
Considering creating a WhatsApp group?
This is not just creating random groups.
Your motif must be very clear.
Why create the group in the first place?
  • Is it to get new customers?
  • Is it to just post bags?
It should be defined in the context of your business.
Let’s say I sell human hairs.
Then my purpose of creating a group may not solely be to send photos of hairs everyday.
Here’s what to do
  1. Create a funnel – a funnel is a pathway through which you get a customer. It could be through Facebook ad, IG ad, TikTok ad, WhatsApp TV to your WhatsApp.
  2. Identify a problem to solve. This problem will be your basis for a lead magnet. Lead magnet is simply a free thing. Anything free that you give in exchange for something. A free class in exchange for a chance to your paid advanced masterclass.
  3. For hair, you may decide to train women how they can dye their hair without losing its value. You can give out anything for free as long as it doesn’t affect your business.
  4. Now, decide what channel to get people to join your group to learn. Facebook ad, WhatsApp TV or Tiktok? You can do the three together.
  5. Let your ad be on how you can train women to solve a problem. Not selling anything.
Note: Find out how to run an ad on Facebook. If you cannot, find someone who knows how to effectively run an ad.
Not a boost post ad. Ask them to send results of what they have done.
Result is not number of likes nor comment. How many people bought. What is the client testimonial.
TikTok ad?
Find micro TikTok influencers who do not have much followers but a considerate likes and view.
Tell them they will have a stake when someone buys through them.
If does not work, try to give them what you sell for free in exchange for a free video review.
If they do not agree, ask them for how much they charge.
One of these must work.
WhatsApp TV?
I may not be a fan of WhatsApp TV but you should give it a try. Try those that charge between 1000 – 2000.
You can as well give them the option of affiliating with you. Help me sell, while you take 20%. That is an example.
Do not prolong the wait. Some of them will feel tired or even forgot why they joined

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